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Ransomware has been around for a number of years, but it’s only more recently that its impact has reached epidemic proportions. The recent attack on Travelex shows a worrying transition by cybercriminals from opportunistic nuisance to a more sinister approach. Threat actors are now designing ransomware not to just exploit sums of money, but rather to cripple large corporations.

This webinar, co-hosted with NetApp, will explore how your organization can mitigate the risks posed by ransomware, why and when to involve a data recovery company, and how Ontrack can help.

This 45-minute webinar will cover:

  • The history and evolution of ransomware
  • The scope of the current threat of ransomware – including the results of a recent Ontrack survey
  • Ransomware data recovery success stories
  • Learn how NetApp can help to prevent ransomware attacks
  • How to recover data from the point of infection from a snapshot
  • When to get a data recovery involved and scenarios that lead to a successful recovery
  • The levels of effort and difficulty depending on the ransomware

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