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Data erasure as a service

As an Ontrack Partner, not only can you help customers recover data, but you can also help them do the opposite; securely erase a device so that no data can be recovered (not even by us!).

By offering data erasure to your customers as a service, you can:

  • Open up new business opportunities
  • Give customers peace of mind that their personal or business data will not be leaked
  • Help business customers adhere to data protection regulations such as the GDPR
  • Increase your revenues via an additional, optional service, or as part of a wider project fee

Once erased, you can provide your customers with a report for their records and their device(s) can be safely reused, resold or recycled.

Solutions for any customer


If you primarily deal with home users, you can upsell an additional service in store when they are upgrading to a new computer, laptop or mobile device.

For a small additional fee, you could give your customers the option of securely erasing their devices when they are being traded in for a new one. This will give your customers the peace of mind that none of their personal data will be accessible from their old device if it is resold or recycled.

If you are helping customers transfer data from an old device to their new one, this is also a great opportunity to upsell the secure erasure and disposal of their old device at an additional cost.


When organisations need to dispose of a device, they must first use a secure, auditable method to get rid of any trace of residual data. This is required for GDPR compliance, and to avoid sensitive company data being leaked.

If you already provide managed IT services and/or resell new IT equipment to businesses, you can offer an additional service to ensure that their data is securely wiped when they need to upgrade or replace a device. This could be charged per device or as part of an overall project fee.

Once the erasure is complete, your customer can reuse the device safe in the knowledge that it has been securely wiped clean for another use. Alternatively, the device could be safely resold, returned to the OEM, recycled or donated.

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our partners have to say:

"We have been using Ontrack’s data erasure software for over two years. The system is well designed, the support is exemplary, and the product is highly effective.

We wipe machines from local councils which have to be erased using a government approved method. Not only did we find that Ontrack provided the best value solution for us, their reporting and erasure certificates have garnered very positive comments from our clients and the dashboard that they use makes it easy for us to trace an individual PC very quickly.

I am happy to recommend Ontrack to anyone looking for a powerful, versatile day erasure system with exhaustive reporting and detailed erasure certificates."

Nick Lee - Dinistrio


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